Vision & Mission

Our vision is to evolve the human experience through higher consciousness and intimacy.

Our mission is to elevate humanity through creating an evidence-based narrative about sex as having the potential transform consciousness. We fulfill our mission by: 

  • Collaborating with organizations to produce cutting edge research.
  • Serving as a hub that provides information to interested individuals.

Core Tenets

  • Human  potential is accessed by entering mindbody states beyond our normal, awake mindbody state.
  • Sexual ecstasy can produce altered mindbody states.
  • The word "ecstasy" is connected to the ancient Greek word "ekstasis" which means to step outside of yourself, to have an experience far beyond your normal sense of self.  
  • Ecstasis is also a scientific phenomena where the "default mode network" of the brain temporarily goes offline. 
  • This state is characterized by: 
    • Selflessness – ego temporarily dissolves, you are aware of connection to all of life.
    • Timelessness – loss of awareness of time.
    • Effortlessness – the experience is occurring, and you are not making it happen.
    • Richness – accessing insights or wisdom not available in your ‘normal’ mindbody state.